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Post Trade Analytics

  • Asset Classes - Equities, Fixed Income, Futures, Options, ETF, FX, REITS, Commodities and others

  • ​KRG Post Trade Analytics is 100% transparent, unbiased and broker neutral, and meets increasing stringent compliance, best execution and auditing requirements by the regulators.

  • KRG Post Trade Analytcs provides a performance evaluation, a full comparison to the various benchmarks: 

  • Equities - Arrival, Open, VWAP, Close, T-1, and T+1; 

  • Fixed Income - Exec. Price vs. Quote, Realized Return (payment), Risk-Adjusted Return and etc.

  • KRG Post Trade Analysis evaluates the expected cost of trading based on actual market conditions and market movement to assist funds determine how well their PMs, traders, brokers and algorithms performed in actual market conditions.

  • KRG provides complete execution post trade analysis and insight into costs by PM, trader, algorithms and brokers. KRG employs a complete transparent methodology to determine which algorithms and brokers are adding value to the fund as well as those algorithms that may be underperforming and causing the fund to incur higher costs than necessary. In addition to these cost and performance reports, we determine which algorithms are most appropriate in which market conditions and trading situations. KRG Post Trade Analytcs evaluates performance from the higher order perspective as well as child placement and venue selection to determine if brokers are executing in an appropriate manner.

  • Our post trade analysis also provides our client with access to KRG universe of trade performance metrics for peer group analysis. This allows us to perform TCA analysis and universe comparisons across similar funds and across orders with similar trading characteristics and market conditions.

  • In addition to our Post Trade Analytics, we provide our clients with access to our Global Real-Time Pre-Trade Model and cost estimates to allow clients to evaluate trading costs across the global markets in real-time.

  • We also provide our post trade clients with an algorithmic selection model to assist traders determine the best algorithms and brokers based on the order, its trading characteristics, and market conditions. This allows us to provide clients with a trading cost model based on their own actual trading results.

  • Frequency –

  • Quarterly or Monthly Analysis: complete analysis & peer group comparison reports (run by KRG).

  • End of Trade Day Analysis: broker neutral analysis. Consists of benchmark comparison, evaluation, and KRGI comparisons. Runs on client desktop, KRG provides real-time & end of day model. 

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