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The Science Of Algorithmic Trading and Portfolio Management

Welcome to Kissell Research Group, the premier New York-based global transaction cost analysis and market microstructure firm. We provide financial institutions with quantitative analysis and insight into the current trading cost environment leading to improved portfolio construction, ultimately leading to the best execution.

Our Services

What We Deliver

Our team of experts provides a range of services to help financial institutions optimize their trading strategies and portfolio construction. Client types we work with:


Dive into Post Trade insights and Pre-Trade forecasts to sharpen your strategy. Make every trade count with real-time data and benchmark comparisons ...

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KRG's Model delivers unbiased trading cost and timing risk estimates, optimizing execution strategies across global markets. With real-time cost analysis ...

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Portfolio Managers

Quantitative solutions and models that provide insight into the current trading environment leading to improved portfolio construction, ultimately leading ...

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Explore KRG Models

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Multi-Asset Class Coverage

Equities, Fixed Income, Futures, Options, ETFs, FX, REITs, Commodities, and more

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Global Reach

US, Canada, Developed and Emerging Europe, Developed and Emerging Asia, Latin America, and Frontier Markets

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Designed For Financial Professionals

Portfolio Managers, Traders, Analysts, Consultants, Compliance Officers, Funds of Funds, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and more

Analysing data

Why Choose KRG? 

Key Features


Transparent and Unbiased Model

  • 100% transparent and broker-neutral

  • Supported by over two dozen academic papers and three published books on the models and methodology


Tailored Financial Insights

  • Provides essential data and financial insights

  • Helps determine the most appropriate portfolios based on underlying investment objectives


Verifiable and Open Results

  • No black-box models

  • All results are fully accessible and verifiable by clients


Client-Centric Analysis and Customization

  • Analysis runs directly on the client's desktop, with no need to log in to any API or IP address

  • Allows funds to incorporate proprietary data, such as volatility, liquidity, and alpha expectations

Ready to find out more?

Contact us today to learn how Kissell Research Group can help you optimize your trading strategies and improve portfolio construction.

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